Glenville Slim

Glenville Slim aka Glenn Jones hails from Cleveland,Ohio by way of the Mississippi Delta. Born in the famous Glenville neighborhood, home of the Glenville Tarblooders, with the music of Funk, Soul and Blues. But Glenville Slim is all blues, earning his blues chops playing rhythm guitar behind Cleveland's legendary Guitar Slim for years. As a student at Glenville High School and raised in Cleveland's Glenville neighborhood thus the name Glenville Slim became the manifestation of his experiences.
Glenville Slim is a true entertainer with an uncanny sense of humor. The high energy Blues, Boogie, and Soul sounds presented by “Glenville Slim and the Blues Posse Band,” will definitely get the party started and have you out of your seats dancing to the songs that no one else performs! From Muddy Waters to Howling Wolf, to Jimi Hendrix and a collection of original tunes in the mix; you are bound to have a good time that is guaranteed for all of the Blues, RnB, and Boogie enthusiasts.