Gabriel Bey

There’s not much to say about my life. I had humble beginnings as a child growing up in Cleveland, Ohio but found two things to define my life. The Cultural Gardens and Music! The neighborhood was called Glenville, and the area was filled with talent of every kind. Most of the kids on my street were in the band since Jr High, and by the time I reached High School, I was playing professionally, backing up Motown singers and performing the latest soul hits in a group called “The Up-Setters.” Time would pass and I found myself playing in Air Force bands that played the Chitlin Circuit all over the south. Overseas bands as well. Once I got out of the military, I toured with the Transnational Funk Company and eventually hooked up with my childhood friends to form the original band, “I.” Needless to say, I have been composing and recording original material ever since, with a sprinkling of jazzy fresh covers. I settled in Arizona, and kept my writing, producing, and publishing skills honed and created such notable bands as, “HARD, The Wickit Kickit Band, and Spooky Kool.” The Pandemic struck and my career was done. With all of the band members scattering to make a living, there was nothing left to do but play under my name, Gabriel Bey, and add a few friends in the mix. Still writing, arranging, and recording music, so seek me out on any of the digital platforms. Better still, make you way to a performance.