Spooky Kool

It's been 12-years since those humble beginnings and now we are closing in on the release of our next recording effort, "I Am." We are so excited to offer so many of our musical family, friends, Fans, and followers new music that is sure to raise them out of their seats and dancing in the aisles; or just sitting to ponder life's meaning, our musical compositions and conversations are designed to elevate the spirit and promote joy and happiness. The story of our future is being defined now, and each of you are an important part of our growth and success. Even more so, you are the catalyst that will change our human landscape from fear to love, and uncertainty to surety. Our call to action is to our fans who are the energy that make significant change. Now is the time to begin. We call upon you to become the trailblazer found within each of us, and build this movement of unity in music into a passion and understanding staple of life. The musical works of Spooky Kool can be found on our social media sites, website, and digital distributors everywhere. The music is in alignment with our core values and our creative vision for performances that are based on 5 core principles called: BODY | MIND | SPIRIT | SOUL | MUSIC, but it's just "Head Boppin' Jazz" to us. Call out to the universe, or just connect with your inner-self which wants us to feel good about ourselves and our lives. Listen, Watch, and Support, Spooky Kool, Your Friend in the Spiritual Age!