Something Funky

Something Funky is an 8-piece funk band founded in 2015 by band leader Greg Foster. The band is based out of Phoenix, AZ and was created with the idea of making original music that reflects a mix of funk, Latin/Southwestern, and African beats. The band is highlighted by a 4-piece horn section that includes a killer low end from trombonist Greg Foster, a smooth and jazzy feel from saxophonist Steve Scott, and a powerful and brassy side from two (2) trumpeters John Bonham & Omar Ortega. The funk in the band’s sound comes from a strong foundation featuring the driving thump and groove of outstanding bassist Duane McClendon and the rock steady in the pocket flow of drummer Jeff Britt. The band’s sound grows melodically from their funk and rock lead guitarist Danny “D.mosis” Moore. Further enhancing the band’s sound comes from two (2) keyboardists featuring soulful pianist/keyboardist Alvin Wright and more strings, synth, and rock organ from versatile multi-instrumentalist Omar Ortega. The Latin feel comes from the congas, bongos, and timbales rhythmically played by Greg Foster who was originally born and raised in Panama. Multiple lead vocalists bring a wide variety of styles in both English and Spanish. This multi-cultural aspect of the band comes through in both their live performances and their songwriting and recording too. “Hot in Here” is a hot club mix of funk and Latin beats featuring Greg’s vocals and Spanish vibe with the band’s tight production. Soaring horns, rocking guitar, funky bass and drums and Latin percussion make this tune both fun to listen and dance to as well as to perform live! Many more original tunes to come from this band so stay tuned!!