Phxmf - "Phoenix Music and Film"

Thursday, 10 October

Phxmf is an educational event to highlight the workforce and the tools required to prepare for the future of music and film. The event will cover several vertical markets and the unions and guilds who represent the workforce behind them. There will be demonstrations, presentations and hands on engagement to support the technology of each discipline.

The vertical markets are: Film (Screening and Challenge); Music (Concerts and Performances); Drones (demonstrations, races, and presentations); Virtual Reality (demonstrations and presentations); Augmented Reality (some activities will be broadcast using the technology); Artificial Intelligence (demonstrations and presentations [Holoride]); NFTs (presentations); and Gaming (Interactive, demonstrations, and presentations).

In addition, there will be representations from all of the Unions and Guilds for introductions to their fields and the important roles they play in the industry. For additional information, go to

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